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Tara: Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine - Orange County

  • 14 Aug 2011
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • 188 East 19th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92727
Sunday Morning Special Group Meditation Practice
in Orange County

At the request of several in the group, this session will practice meditation inspired by the female Buddha archetype Tara, who embodies compassionate activity and reflects the sacred feminine energy within us all.

As usual, we will practice in the Dzogchen tradition of Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche and Lama Surya Das.

This session is a wonderful opportunity for chanting and meditation in a group setting, and to connect with this timeless contemplative tradition. It is entirely appropriate for those new to meditation, as well as those more experienced; as well as for those who love to chant - or even those who prefer not.
This activity is offered free of charge, and is open to all.

Tara Practice & Teaching

Green Tara, embodiment of the sacred feminine energy within us all - beyond gender - steps out into the world to enact liberating buddha-activity for the benefit of all beings. Join us as we embark on discovering the various facets and faces of Tara, a reflection of our innate Tara-ness! We will explore the more traditional and colorful Tibetan view of Tara, as well as the universal underlying principles of wisdom and love at the heart of all enlightened activity. We will look into how we can manifest more proactively in the world, rather than reactively.

Directions to Meditation Group

For map and directions, please click here.

There are chairs available. If you prefer to sit on the floor, please bring a cushion or whatever else you need in order to be comfortable.

About the Group: We are a local group guided by Dzogchen Center national assisting teachers Daniela Coriat and Christopher Coriat under the spiritual direction of best-selling author Lama Surya Das. Further information is available on the Dzogchen Center Southern California website.

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